Mission Statement

We are COVID- 19 UK, a channel dedicated to showcase racial discrimination social and Criminal injustices #Black Lives Matter Platform and Anti – Racism community movement. Race Revolution and Restoration Patience Persistence Perseverance People Power. Arguably, obviously, being driven and pumped up by equal societal norms intertwined basic humanity common values.
That said, actively discuss possible solutions here, now and in the future to the Social Criminal injustices and human rights abuses in the UK / Africa and Global. It also motivates government, companies and organisations to adopt effective policies and legal regimes to curb discrimination and violence in and out of workplace.
Coronavirus: “Racism ‘could play a part in BAME Covid …”
13/06/2020 · Factors such as racism and social inequality may have contributed to increased risks of black, Asian and minority communities catching and dying from Covid-19…”
“Why are so many people from BAME backgrounds dying from …”
08/06/2020”. “A Public Health England report has found that people from black and Asian ethnic groups are up to twice as likely to die with Covid-19 than those from white British backgrounds..”

“COVID-19: review of disparities in risks and outcomes – GOV.UK
02/06/2020 · This is a descriptive review of surveillance data on disparities in the risk and outcomes from COVID-19. The review looked at different factors including: age and sex”.