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A world in which BLM Black and ethnic minorities use media, in particular, to empower themselves and the communities around them.
For the black, Asian and ethnic minorities who are wrongly accused and convicted and jailed yet they are 100% totally clearly innocent of the alleged crimes in UK/Africa and Global. That said most of them are denied free – legal aid due to institutional systematic inequalities and discrimination, to name a few;
◦ ‘Oval Four’ convictions quashed almost 50 years they were … › oval-four-clear-names-almost-50-years…
‘Oval Four’ convictions quashed almost 50 years they were jailed Three men from South London jailed for stealing handbags on the London Underground and assaulting the police have cleared their names after almost half a century after they were convicted.
◦ Oval Four: Top Judges Clear Names Of Three Black Men … › entry › oval-four-names-cleared_uk_5de8…
Oval Four: Top Judges Clear Names Of Three Black Men Wrongly Convicted In 1970s Winston Trew, Sterling Christie and George Griffiths were jailed for eight months almost 50 years ago.
• Author: Jasmin Gray

Arguably, obviously, a society Promote peer mentor support counselling to encourage #Black Life Maters (BLM) and ethnic prisoners and ex prisoners informed decisions of stop reoffending that aim to improve quality of life, focusing on a balance between rights and responsibilities Ensure dignity and respect to all with due regard to. Most importantly for the victim/survivors & their families of this institutional systematically criminal injustices.

Including inhuman despicable – act Black Britons almost twice as likely to die from …
07/05/2020 · When accounting for age only, black men and women were more than four times more likely to die from Covid-19 compared with white men and women”. Author: Shaun Lintern.
“Black and ethnic minority workers hit hardest by coronavirus job losses”
Kalila Sangster.
Yahoo Finance UK8 June 2020
“The number of BAME people in employment fell by 5% during the coronavirus crisis, according to new research. (Getty) The percentage of BAME people in employment fell to 67.4% in April from 72.0% in February 2020, a drop of almost 5%, researchers from the University of Essex and other academic centres said”.
“More Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers in the UK have been hit harder by job losses during the coronavirus crisis than the population as a whole, according to new research”.
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